• Posables are available completely assembled or in
    a kit that can be put together using the included
    instructions and wrench.

  • Joints are at the ankle, knee, hip, lower back,
    middle back, upper back, neck, shoulder, elbow,
    and wrist.

  • The hands have bendable fingers for grasping

  • Add your own recycled bottle as a head, or
    purchase the light socket option and a shade to
    create a unique floor lamp.

  • Posables can be free-standing, bolted to a base
    board or to each other, or staked to the ground (base
    board and stakes not included).
Posables Home Page

Do you like decorating for Halloween, Christmas, and other
occasions?  Are you looking for a novel way to organize
hats, keys, and backpacks? A one-of-a-kind lamp?

Posables are lifesize stick-figure mannequins (dummies) with
hinged joints that you can position to create an infinite number
of poses. Leave them bare, paint them, or dress them up to
create a truly eye-catching seasonal display.

Visit the
photo gallery page for examples.
Visit http://www.etsy.com/shop/posables for pricing and
"Anything is Possible with Posables"